How do I get my CDL?

Once you have submitted your employment application to us, you have to take a few knowledge tests for your commercial learner's permit. Click here for a link to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that explains it.  It looks complicated, but don't worry, we have sorted through the red tape and outline the process below. PLUS WE are here to help and answer all your questions and even have practice tests. To get your school bus license, you have to take the highlighted below tests. We will give you a paper manual to work from, but it can also be found here.

School Bus Testing.JPG

Take and pass the appropriate knowledge test(s) for the vehicle you plan to drive. We have highlighted them above. 

  • All knowledge tests are free. No appointment is necessary. Be sure to allow enough time to complete your test prior to when the DMV customer service centers is scheduled to close. CDL knowledge tests take at least 1 to 1½ hours.

  • Passing grade is 80% or more correct answers.

  • You must present a valid Class D license at the time of testing.

Once you have PASSED the three exams above.

Come back to see us and we set up your School Bus Physical with our provider or your own personal physician. At that time, we will also have you meet with our School Bus Trainer to schedule your training sessions. After your school bus physical, you can then return to the DMV to get your learner's permit and begin your training. 

You will need to have a School Bus Physical Exam form MV3030B just in case your provider does not have one.  

What you need to do at the DMV to obtain your Commercial Driver Learner permit (CLP)

Behind the Wheel Training with our Trainer


​Once you have your CLP, you will practice driving skills with OUR TRAINER. They will teach you everything you need to know and do to safely operate a school bus.  WE DO PAY YOU FOR YOUR TRAINING HOURS! 


Skills Test

When your training is finished, our trainer will introduce you to our third party tester who will schedule your pre-trip, backing test and skills test. This will all be done working with our trainer and tester. 

After you pass your skills test

Then return to the DMV to apply your training the CDL classes and endorsements to your Class D lic​ense.

All CDL fees will be repaid to you after you've driven for 90 school days.